Breaking Layers
Breaking Layers
Churros con nieve y cajeta. Y yo sigo sin encontrar un buen lugar donde vendan churros aqui en El Paso. Buhhhhhhhh. 
OMFD!!! At long last! I got my shiny chespin 😬😬😬😬😬😬

MMXIV | exploratorium

[a scientifically accurate diagram of a planetoid interior]

havent drawn any things in weeks so i just drew a thing

Todi, Italy

The beauty of Ireland - Imgur
Q: Oh god, what a gorgeous car! I'm so sorry. That must have been some pants-splitting terror. I think I heard about something like this, do you live in el paso?
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Today, I had the most shocking and horrible experience of my life. The throttle got stuck while going out of the freeway, and well…this is what happened.

here’s a classic color block! 
*This version is edited! I goofed!!