Divergent Mind.

I'm David, a self-taught artist and an architecture student. My blog revolves around my cultural interest; Art, Architecture, Video Games, Food, Anime and Cars. I'm a daydreamer who likes to keep his feet stuck on the ground and be able to perceive the world from different perspectives, reality and fantasy.

Divergent Mind.
And these are my remaining pieces of gold. Removing Skyward Sword and A Link to the Past, I own almost every game in the series, digitally at least. 😁
I took this picture last year, in October when the Wind Waker HD came out. I was super hyped to add another piece of gold to my collection, along with Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. 

Soon after that, I traded Skyward Sword to get money for my Playstation 4. This may I traded that same wind Waker to get Mario Kart 8. After all, I could download the digital version. But it doesn’t excitement as much. I want those two games back, in CD and their golden packages. 😪

q’d! have to focus on school :)
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Eiffel Tower - Paris - France (von Miroslav Petrasko (hdrshooter.com))
I remember how enraged I waswhen Vegeta bitch-slapped Goku! and then BAAAAM! Goku Sucker-punched him with a whole freaking boulder, real good!